Finding your small pet

Inform your neighbours

Neighbours are at home at different times of the day and may see your small animal around their garden. Let them know that your pet is missing, and ask them to inform you as soon as possible if they see it. Go at least three houses in each direction.

Let the kids know. 

Are there kids living in your street? Let them know you’re looking for your lost rabbit/guinea pig - kids make good detectives!

Contact your local vets and shelters. 

Don’t assume your small animal will be in your local area. Contact every vets and animal rescue in and beyond your area, letting them know that your pet is lost. Give them a clear description of your pet and your contact details.

Leave a gate open. Your little pet may decide that it’s time to come home, so make sure you leave a gate open or give them a way to get back into a safe area.

Use social media. 

Post the news of your lost rabbit or guinea pig to your friends and followers on Facebook and Twitter. Include a clear photo and the date, time and place it went missing. Ask them to share, retweet and spread the word for you – the more eyes on the lookout, the better.

Do a letterbox drop. 

Create a full-colour flyer. Feature a clear photo of your pet, the date and place it went missing, your first name and your mobile number. Drop a copy in all your neighbours’ letterboxes, covering a significant area around your property.

Create a poster. 

Adapt your full-colour flyer into a poster. Feature a clear photo of your pet, the date and place it went missing, your first name and your mobile number. Distribute your posters in person to local vets, shops and in public areas around your neighbourhood.

Visit local vets and shelters. 

Sometimes, vets and shelters can get breed descriptions wrong, so the best way to check is to look yourself. Check the web to see if the vets and shelters in your area have a website with photos of the rabbits or guinea pigs they have found. If they don’t have a website, drive down there and visit in person.

Don’t give up!

Small animals can be very resourceful and have great survival skills. Keep posting on social media and checking local vets and shelters to find your little friend.

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