Chatham-Kent Mun​icipality Resources​

Responsible Animal Ownership By-law

Chatham-Kent has a comprehensive by-law aimed at protecting the well-being of all animals living in Chatham-Kent while ensuring the safety of the public.

Here are a few by-laws pet owners should keep in mind:

- 3 dog limit per household

- 5 cat limit per household in urban areas

- Dogs are not to be tethered for longer than nine hours in a 24 hour period

- Animals are not to remain outdoors during extreme weather

- All dogs residing in Chatham-Kent must wear a dog license tag

- Potbelly pigs, chickens, ducks, geese are just a few of the animals who cannot reside in    Chatham-Kent unless in an agricultural zone.

For more information visit:

Responsible Animal Ownership By-law

Other Municipal Contacts

Chatham-Kent Public Works

(roadkill removal)


Chatham-Kent Health Unit

(animal bites/scratches)


After Hours


Chatham-Kent Police

(noise complaints/stolen pets)


Ontario Poison Control

(snake bites)