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What we do....

Since 2012, Lost Pets of Chatham-Kent, with the help and support of the community, has been helping owners and their lost pets find each other again.

We understand that pets can go missing for a multitude of reasons and getting them home is all that matters. Chatham-Kent is home to so many animal lovers that our posts are shared by thousands of followers.

If there is one thing that we have learned over the years, it is that the power of social media and networking can bring a dog, cat, bird or any other pet back home in an impressively short amount of time.

Now in 2020 we have 8,0​00+ community followers that help us create wonderful Success Stories!




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C​ha​tham-Kent Success Stories!


Radar went missing from his property on in Tupperville on Feb 5/2020. His owners were very concerned when they received notice that someone took him. When they reached out to that person they were told he got loose in Petrolia. The person who took him tried to have him registered at a vet in Belle River. The vet tech took notice and after scanning him she contacted his owners and he is now home safe. The police were notified but no more information will be provided.


Gizmo went missing in August 2019. 

The Big Fix Cat Rescue posted to Lost Pet of CK that a cat had been hanging around and they were keeping it safe. 

After Lost Pets of CK reached out to the potential owner they connected and it was the missing Gizmo! He is now back home safe as of March 14/2020!

Little One was found by a caring member of the Wallaceburg community on March 8, 2020. She cared for her overnight, took her to get her chip scanned but it came back as unregistered. The owner contacted PAW looking for his dog and was directed to our Facebook page. The two were reunited later that day. That's not the end though! 

The wonderful woman made arrangements with K9 Klips in Wallaceburg and they donated their time to giving Little One a much needed make over.

What a wonderful community! She is now safe and cute as ever!

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When we lost our cat, this was the first place I mess​aged. Our cat's picture was posted quickly and within a day a family called saying they saw our cat. Then 2 days late​r they called to tell us they had him and we could come pick him up!  We are so thankful for this group and the people that check it. 

Alisha Powell Walters - March 2020

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